Installation in a small park - Massimiliano Pavon

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Installation in a small park.

Precast concrete elements for sewage treatment plants used to house street art works.

Anthropization elements of the natural environment and, a fortiori, exquisitely anthropic episodes, e.g., sculptural or architectural, cannot claim
an absolute and unconditional right of presence in the environment.
Indeed, creations of the human spirit endowed with material consistency express characteristics that cannot be automatically integrated into the dynamic environmental balance, with which they must therefore contend.
On the other hand, man has always shaped the environment and evaluated his own intervention, recognizing positives and negatives pertinent to the intrinsic qualities of his work and the environmental context, and to the aesthetic dimension.
Like that, communities recognize enrichments or impoverishments of their places, in a continuous and diachronic process dense with the cultural stratifications and value attributions that we read in the rural and urban landscape.

The park object of the intervention basically consists of a quadrangular lawn, within which some lighting elements are placed, flanked to the northeast by a narrow strip, articulated in the manner of a traditional garden, which houses some trees and sculptural and commemorative elements.
Toward the northwest is placed an auditorium, to the southwest the regular block of a residential settlement, and to the southeast the parking area, set at a lower elevation.

The insertion of precast concrete elements is articulated in three different episodes, within a single expressive intentionality, in the aim of offering viewpoints, interpretative keys, functionality.
In the south corner 4 cylinders define a perspective telescope toward the lawn.
Three portals, corresponding to the three entrance directions, frame the lawn, establishing a dialogue between them that suggests a diagonal visual direction.
In the north corner, a composition of steles, arranged in pairs and, as a whole, in a circle, arises from the backs, stretched toward the sky, of 18 seats.
The earth's rotational and revolutionary movements allow the steles to generate ever-changing combinations of shadows, thus offering the possibility of sitting, at any time, in the shade or in the sun.

Nature, time and patience are the three great physicians.
Chinese Proverb

Massimiliano Pavon | Italia | P.IVA IT01259970935
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