Poetic Rationality - Massimiliano Pavon

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Poetic Rationality

PROGRAMMA is a collection of coat stands, coat hooks, coat hangers and coat hangers holders developed from the basic shape of cylinder with the purpose to overcome the traditional hierarchies among domestic spaces.
Geometry is not self-sufficient but aims to assert itself in architectural spaces by means of geometric transformation such as symmetry, reflection rotation and the consequent connections between part and whole.
The perfection of the connections enables the poetics of basic shapes to unfold forms with various plastic appearances while keeping intact the original geometrical purity.
Flexibility is not only formal but also functional: the possibility to have one or more supports, variously arranged, allow the collection to satisfy with joyful creativity the different requirements of destination spaces.
The rationality of the modular aggregation makes the collection open to countless aesthetic and functions results.

"Poetry is as precise a thing as geometry"
Gustave Flaubert
Massimiliano Pavon | Italia | P.IVA IT01259970935
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