Massimiliano Pavon

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Into the Circle
METALWORK catalogue
Echoes of Form
Echoes of Ancient Sounds
Complexity vs complicatedness
At the boundaries of being.
Stone Sails table
Minimalist benches...
A design of a modular system...
In this table we sought to represent...
Installation in a small park.
Silent Coffee Tables
EAGLE, ski rack
Ultrasign, extreme sport storage
The Pigeons in Love
BLACK SLOPE, a high-end  ski racks collection
Sitting is not a trivial and passive act.
Mosaic "stripes" and urban artifacts
A fashion concept store.
Prefabricated modules for art and craftmanship exhibitions.
A new organic logo
Miracles of Nature
Poetic Rationality
A new vision!
Works for demanding users and collectors of valuable motorcycle helmets,  motorcycle jackets and bicycles.
Functional objects for an art gallery.
Luminous Installations for a hotel chain.
Fragmented Continuities
LIFE 1 Aero Light for a railway company.
INTO THE MOMENT.  Fountain for an urban environment.
Two fountains for a park.
DOWNHILL ski racks evolve
New concepts of display mannequins.
Some pieces of furniture for cruise ships.
Massimiliano Pavon | Italia | P.IVA IT01259970935
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